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Gas and electric golf carts may look the same but have a few differences. Most people are of the strong opinion that gas powered golf carts are way stronger than electric powered golf carts, but modern electric golf carts have enjoyed impressive levels of improvements in operation and performance.

Common Advantages of Gas Golf Carts • Gas golf carts are a couple of hundred dollars more than the electric carts. • They can be used like a regular car – that is if they meet a city’s “street legal” requirements for golf carts. Some of the golf accessories that will make a golf cart street legal are the inclusion of headlights, taillights, mirrors, seatbelts, horns etc to the golf cart. • Strong enough to be used in hilly terrains, as they are quite powerful • Can be used as a workhorse in large ranches or farms

Common Disadvantages of Gas Golf Carts • Gas golf carts are noisy • Gas golf carts emit pollutants

Common Advantages of Electric Golf Carts • Electric golf carts are smooth • Electric carts are quiet and are great for driving around neighborhoods • Electric golf carts are environment friendly, as they do not pollute the air

Common Disadvantages of Electric Golf Carts • Electric golf carts are not as powerful as gas powered golf carts • The batteries will need to be changed every 3 to 4 years • Most electric carts do not exceed 20mph

Electric golf carts are easier to maintain, although replacing the batteries may seem like a drag for some users. When it is time to replace the electric golf cart batteries, it is important to purchase good quality batteries. Most people think that electric golf carts are easier and cheaper to maintain, but the truth is the operating expenses of electric and gas golf carts are essentially the same; the main difference is that gas carts will nickel and dime users with oil changes, filters, fuel, belts etc. whilst the electric vehicle will present little trouble until it is time to replace the batteries. It is important to get original factory parts instead aftermarket parts. Although original factory parts are pricier, they are much more reliable.

Whether you choose to drive an electric golf cart or gas golf cart, golf cart accessories such as storage solutions, light kits, safety & security systems, fans/heaters, tires, wheels, wheel covers and other parts and accessories will improve your golf cart driving experience.

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